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  • Earth Coconut
    Fishnet tank-­top
    $53 USD
  • Earth Dark all over print
    Fishnet tank-­top
    $53 USD
Ana Heart -
202 (1st floor) Fulham Road - London SW10 9PJ, UK -
$40 - $120 Ana Heart Phone: +44 203 747 6777

The very latest from Ana Heart on the New In page

Our new arrivals on the New In page promise to be the absolute cutting edge of yoga clothing fashion. Every single one of our items have to grace the New In page when they first roll off the production line, whether it’s yoga bras, leggings, or tops. Because everything can only be new for a short amount of time, all of our Ana Heart customers regularly check back with this page to see what the most stylish yogis are wearing.

Elsewhere on the Ana Heart site, you will find pages for people who have a precise yoga need. Maybe their cat shredded their yoga mat and they need a new one. Perhaps they know it’s time to stop wasting money on poor quality leggings that show off your knickers and split at the seams. We have signposts point to pages where you can see everything we have in a certain category for shoppers like this.

But sometimes you just want to see what’s new, what’s exciting. You have no particular need for a new yoga bra but if the right one came along in the new arrivals there’s always room in your yoga wardrobe. If you find yourself checking out our New In page all the time, you might want to sign up for our newsletters for the latest yoga trends. Our Instagram page is also heaving with yoga inspiration, straight from the hearts of Amanda and Rachel as they take their passion for yoga and fashion out into the real world.

New chic clothes from the latest collections and the best designers

We love putting together a brand-new line of yoga clothing. We have great collaborators like ba&sh who gave their own unique style to a limited-edition range. Maybe one day they will return to make another collection with us for that jaunty sport gear that every woman should have. The New In page is the first place you will see anything exciting like this when it’s ready to order.

We also use our latest collections to express our innermost beliefs about yoga. Take the White Boutique. It exists for a pure color scheme and clean, simple designs but it goes beyond catering to our customers who love a minimal look. Yoga is all about clearing your mind and focusing completely on your practice, and we believe that would be difficult to achieve with all the garish and zany printed yoga leggings out there. When you’re in a full inversion, you can tap into your most Zen state of mind with a yoga outfit free from distractions.

I you want a yoga collection that will look great even outside the yoga studio. Whether you are exploring other fitness options or just lounging around at home, these versatile items on the New In page will look good even on the days you skip yoga. We also have items that will suit any kind of yogini, from edgy biker-style jackets, cool street hoodies, to feminine leggings. If you have the sort of day where you have to go from an appointment, to a yoga class, to an event, our yoga clothes in the new arrivals will see you through.

Dress like no other yogi with Ana Heart’s unique items

Ana Heart continues to create increasingly unique items for men and women of all sizes. Our New In page will carry all of our new arrivals which have the freshest and most versatile style. All the best clothes and yoga accessories need to have that little something that makes it stand out from everything else in a saturated and noisy market.

While Ana Heart loves fashion and keeps ahead of all the trends, you could definitely say that our color choices are a little out of step with the crowd. Where else would you find that particular shade of Grenat red which is the main feature of our New Moon collection. This individuality that is a key tenet of Ana Heart means that you won’t be looking like every other fashionista in the city, but like your own woman. After all, trendsetters are not made of trend followers.

Our minimal designs would be just a little dull if it wasn’t for the perfect little details that set off every single item in our wide variety of yoga clothes. Whether it’s tweaking the sleeve length to something a little unusual or finding a little motif that is completely unique, we are meticulous when it comes to our embellishments. We need to draw the eye in interesting ways across the body, so where we cut our lines and decorate our fabrics is so important to us.

Quality clothing so you never settle for poor yoga clothes ever again

Yoga, like any sport or fitness pursuit, needs leggings that will stay with you through the most active sessions, last through an intense wash, and above all not leave you showing your knickers to the whole class. Whether you tear down the seam in Warrior 2 or the fabric goes see through in a wide-legged forward bend, nobody wants to be showing that off. At Ana Heart, it is our solemn promise to protect our yogis from such fates with good quality clothing.

Our fabrics are matched by very few other brands, as we sample the best of the best from around the world. You may have noticed that many of our clothes are made from Supima cotton, a supreme strain of the fiber that is stronger, more durable, and highly absorbent compared to regular cotton. As well as giving a high performance to your yoga sessions, it is also really soft against the skin for ultimate comfort. Supima cotton makes up less that 1% of the world’s cotton, so choosing Ana Heart guarantees great quality.

But a great quality fabric can still fall apart at the seams from shoddy workmanship. That’s why we choose the best Portuguese craftsmen and women to make our clothes, knowing that when we get the finished product there’ll be no stray threads, crooked seams, or holes. The Ana Heart seal of approval only goes to new arrivals that meet our highest of high standards, because we know that you will settle for nothing less than perfect.