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The most stylish yoga clothes online

Whether you’re a yoga-newbie, seasoned yogini or simply a woman who appreciates classic style and quality, Ana Heart is your go-to online yoga shop for a wide range of unique and beautiful yoga clothes that can be worn for any type of fitness class, and both in and out of the studio. The face of sportswear has changed beyond recognition in recent years, and workout clothes have now become a full-blown trend. Women today want to look and feel great while they’re working out and at Ana Heart we understand this. We know that the more confident, sexy and unique you feel in your sport or yoga gear, the better you’ll perform in class - and all of your everyday activities.

So many different elements go into creating the perfect yoga session - from being balanced and mentally focussed to strong, confident and calm. And then there’s the hard part…the actual exercise! It’s no easy feat, so every little helps - and this includes our yoga clothes. Having the right yoga gear for your classes, whether it’s Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga or hot Bikram yoga, is crucial. Why? Because in any given class you’ll be moving between a series of demanding poses (both balancing postures and floor work) and you’ll need to be 100% supported for this. So buying the perfectly snug yoga bra, comfy yoga top or stretchy yoga pants should be top on any yogini’s list.

That’s where Ana Heart is on hand to help. Our women’s yoga clothes are the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality. Our brand DNA, Urban Peace, runs throughout all of our lines and collections; it’s a mix of minimalist urban cool and nomadic spirit that’s both modern and chic, meaning you can feel just as stylish in your yoga clothes as you would anywhere else, and you’ll be able to transition from the studio to the street effortlessly. From our relaxed yoga pants and cool shorts to our exquisite yoga bras, uber-stylish yoga tees, and even our range of unique yoga jewelry and accessories, discover a world of quality, high-tech fabrics and stunning designs when you browse Ana Heart’s collections of yoga clothes today. We also offer a range of gift cards, so if you are looking to treat the yogini in your life today, browse our gift card selection today.

Beautiful collections full of unique yoga clothes

You don’t have to be a trained yogini to appreciate or wear Ana Heart’s women’s yoga clothes. We create all of our pieces with every woman, and every type of fitness, in mind. Fashion and functionality is our guiding principle, and three ruling factors are behind all of our creations: comfort, style and performance. Ana Heart is itself the result of a creative project between an experienced yoga teacher and an interior designer and fashionista - so you’re in the safest of hands at our yoga shop. We know women - and we know yoga - so we understand the importance of both looking and feeling your best when you’re working out, and also feeling unique, and not just a face in the crowd (or rather, the yoga studio).

Our yoga clothes are all made with the softest, highest quality materials that allow you to breathe and move with and sculpt your body so that you’ll perform to you best in any yoga, Pilates or other fitness session. The fabrics we use are all ethically sourced and chosen for their innovative, high-tech qualities. But besides the technical aspect of our designs, you’ll find the most stylish yoga clothes anywhere online. Our boutique collections our packed full of yoga clothes and accessories that embody Ana Heart’s brand DNA Urban Peace; the perfect mixture of cool Parisian street style with a nomadic boho feel. It’s all in the detail in our pieces - from the stunning, and seductive straps on our Miller yoga bra to the raw cut hem on our cool racer Back tank top to the ruched waistband on our gorgeous Love wrap leggings.

Browse our extensive yoga clothes collections today and discover Ana Heart’s beautiful world. We’re sure you’ll love two of our collections in particular; the Lifestyle Collection and the White Boutique. Our Lifestyle Collection embodies our own take on the loungewear trend. Here, you’ll find a range of relaxed pieces that will fit in perfectly in any wardrobe and can be mixed and matched with other key items, like our cool Coco Boho hoodie, our Marley yoga pants and our Jagger sweatshirt. Available in a range of sizes and a subtle, muted color palette, you’ll want to wear these pieces anywhere - never mind just in the studio! Get lost in our stunning White Boutique, dedicated to purity and simplicity, which every yogini must strive for in her practice. Here you’ll find our cool “Kick Asana” yoga tank top and our delicate Moss ballet leggings with their cute ankle ties.

It’s not just about clothes… yoga accessories are a must!

If you thought Ana Heart was all about yoga clothes, and yoga clothes alone, then think again. Looking stylish in the studio these days isn’t just limited to the right top, sports bra or pair of yoga pants. There’s a whole range of jewelry and accessories that you can pair with your yoga outfit to make your mark and stand out from the crowd (besides feeling pretty and chic when you’re wearing them). As the trend for wearing sportswear outside of the gym or fitness studio has grown, accessorising with bracelets, necklaces and other pieces of jewelry has become more common. At Ana Heart, you’ll find collections of yoga jewelry for women that will complement your yoga clothing - and look good with any outfit!

Browse our accessories range today and find out about our incredible Love Tuner. This piece of jewelry has a double function, again embodying Ana Heart’s ethos of fashion and functionality. The elegant statement necklace is a flute that doubles up as a whistle when blown into. This triggers the so-called love frequency. At 528 Hertz, the love frequency works with your body’s own energy system to promote an overall feeling of calm, balance and wellbeing. As we all know, it can sometimes be difficult to quiet the mind when practising yoga or during meditation sessions. The Love Tuner will help. But don’t take our word for it - try it out and see! Available in a range of muted colors including white, black, silver and bronze, you’ll want to wear your Love Tuner to add style and statement to any outfit.

Besides our range of jewelry, discover our yoga equipment, including our Empowering yoga mat and the Urban Nomad yoga bag. One of the most essential items you’ll ever take with you to class is your yoga mat. And you’ll need a strong and sturdy one to move from floor work to standing and balancing poses; one that won’t slip and is comfortable enough to support your back in the all-important balancing poses and of course, Savasana. Our thick and sturdy latex-free yoga mat is the perfect investment for any yogini. And don’t forget you’ll need a bag to carry it in. Ana Heart’s Urban Nomad yoga print bag is your stylish answer. Large enough to hold all your yoga clothing and equipment, and stylish enough to carry everywhere, you’ll wonder how you survived so long without it!

Top quality all the way with Ana Heart

When it comes to quality no expense is spared at Ana Heart. Just as we know classic pieces never go out of style, we also appreciate the value of proper quality clothing, which is why all of our yoga clothes are made using only the highest quality fabrics that wear well and will also last, and keep their shape and color workout after workout, and wash after wash. Remember to wash your Ana Heart clothes only in mild washing powder, avoid harsh products and air-dry your items. This will help them stay good as new for longer.

To help you work out, and particularly get through demanding yoga classes, Ana Heart sources the very best quality materials. Along with high-tech fabrics that are sweat-absorbent and quick-drying (used in all of our yoga bras and yoga pants), many of our yoga tops are also 100% cotton, meaning that they’re super soft to the touch and will feel luxurious when you’re wearing them. Even our equipment, like our Empowering yoga mat, is made using eco-friendly fabric and you’ll be able to feel the difference when practising.

You only have to browse through any one of our collections to see that quality is just an important a feature as style in our yoga clothes. Take the supportive, chafe-resistant elastic underband in our yoga bras, the gorgeously thick and soft fleece material used in our sweatpants, or the ruched detail on our yoga leggings, designed to move with your body and act like a second skin. Whether you’re practising yoga, Pilates, dance, or any other form of fitness, you’ll find eternal quality in Ana Heart’s yoga clothes.