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Ana Heart US - the online yoga shop for women who appreciate luxury & design

Whether you’re a dedicated yogini who knows her Warrior Two from her Mountain Pose, or just starting out on your yoga journey, you’ve come to the right place. Ana Heart is your one-stop online yoga shop for all the essentials you’ll ever need to practice. The beautiful collections in our yoga shop span yoga clothing of every kind, from yoga pants to yoga tees, leggings, sports bras and a range of unique yoga accessories and equipment, including our sturdy yoga mat and urban Nomad yoga bag.

At Ana Heart US we know yoga… and we know women. Each one of the pieces in our yoga store is made using only the best quality materials; lightweight and breathable fabrics, designed to work with your body naturally as you practice. Yoga can be hard work - in any given class, you’ll be moving between a series of challenging standing and seated poses, meaning it’s vital you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our stylish yoga bras provide maximum support; our pants are designed to work with your body in every pose, and our cool print and plain tops will complement your outfit cover you in all the right places. From our White Boutique to our Lifestyle collection, you’ll find stunning, hand-made pieces in our yoga store that will not only feel great while you work out, but also provide the perfect wardrobe essentials for every day! For the most stylish yoga clothes in the USA, get online and no further than Ana Heart.

Yoga clothes? We think we're more of a yoga lifestyle guide!

Having the perfect-fitting, supportive and lightweight clothing is essential for any yoga, Pilates or other fitness session. But Ana Heart also knows how important it is to look, and feel, your best in your sportswear. That’s why all of our pieces embody Ana Heart’s brand DNA, Urban Peace - chic and minimalist, it’s the perfect combination of urban cool and a relaxed, nomadic feel. Browse our yoga shop today, get inspired and discover a world of stunning, and very unique, yoga clothes.

From our beautiful Portman ballet top to the Jagger sweatshirt and Kravitz mesh leggings, Ana Heart’s online yoga shop offers pieces that will not only make you look and feel great in the studio, but can be worn as everyday wardrobe essentials and mixed and matched with other key pieces. Get yoga-chic, be inspired and discover a world of peace, beauty and harmony in our fabulous US yoga store.

We’re passionate about all things yoga so it’s not just about the clothes - take a look at our yoga blog and Events page, where you’ll find tips, inspiration and all the latest goings-on in the world of yoga. Come join us and connect with the yoga community today. Let’s Yoge!

Choose your favorites at our online yoga store!

Each collection in Ana Heart’s online yoga store contains an extensive range of beautifully cut, expertly crafted women’s yoga clothes including yoga tees, yoga tops, sports bras and a stunning collection of yoga accessories and jewelry featuring the incredible Love Tuner necklace. With a wide range of sizes, styles and cuts available, we have something for every woman out there, both practised yoginis and yoga newbies alike.

Browse two of the beautiful collections in our yoga shop; the White Boutique and the Lifestyle collection. In the White Boutique you’ll find simple and elegant pieces that create a bold statement with their pure white colour and clean lines. Our Lifestyle Collection embodies our signature city chic style; here you’ll find the perfect loungewear pieces that can be worn both in and out of the yoga studio, like our Coco Boho hoodie or our Marley sweatpants.

All of the pieces in our yoga shop are made using the most innovative, high-tech material that’s at once lightweight, stretchy and breathable, so you can stay cool even in the hottest Bikram yoga classes! And it’s not just yoga clothes you’ll find at our yoga shop - we also have an extensive range of yoga accessories and jewelry that will complete your look, including our special Love Tuner necklaces which emit a love frequency that acts as a meditative aid while you practice. And don’t forget our Ana Heart gift cards - we’ve got a range of values so you can treat the yogini in your life with the gift of choice at our yoga shop!

Every piece of our equipment is designed with all kinds of yoga in mind

At Ana Heart we live and breathe yoga. From our yoga shop, with its unique collections of a wide range of yoga gear, accessories, equipment and jewelry, to our regularly updated yoga blog and Events page, we are dedicated to sharing our combined love for yoga and fashion with the yoga community in the US and beyond - and this means more than just clothes.

Every yogini should have a mantra - an affirmation that guides us throughout our practice - and in everyday life - to help calm and focus the mind. Ana Heart’s is Let’s Yoge! You’ll notice this unique slogan printed on many of our yoga tees and other items. But what does it mean? In part, it tells the story of how Ana Heart’s founders, Amanda and Rachel, first met. Rachel was teaching yoga to a group of students in London, Amanda included. When Amanda started practice she would invariably exclaim “Let’s Yoge!” as she took to the mat to begin practice. Rachel loved this enthusiasm and the phrase has stuck ever since.

Let’s Yoge perfectly embodies Ana Heart’s ethos - it means let’s practice but, more generally, “let’s live”! We believe in the power of yoga as so much more than just a simple form of exercise. It’s a guide by which we can measure so many aspects of our life; determination, motivation, self-discipline, self-esteem and so much more. Browse Ana Heart’s online yoga store and you’ll find so much more than clothes. Join our world today.