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    Windbreaker tracksuits
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From work out to day out - in our yoga pants!

One of the most essential items any yogini needs in her gym kit is a good pair of yoga pants. If you’re looking for the perfect pair of good quality pants for your yoga, Pilates meditation or any other fitness session, Ana Heart is your one-stop online yoga store. We know yoga can be hard work that requires flexibility, strength and focus as you move from balancing poses to floor work - and plenty more in between! That’s why it’s really essential that you have a good pair of yoga pants for practice; one that will support you in all the right places, provide maximum comfort and make you look, and feel, great at the same time. Look no further than Ana Heart’s range of yoga pants - we have an extensive selection of styles, sizes and colours, spanning shorts, yoga leggings and more traditional yoga bottoms. Each of our pieces is designed to sculpt and move with your body and is made using only the most innovative, flexible fabrics that will allow maximum movement throughout any class.

Browse Ana Heart’s large selection of yoga pants and find the right fit for you. From our mesh-detail Zoe shorts to our ballet-style Moss yoga leggings and super-soft stretchy Hendrix pants, there’s a huge variety to choose from, in a range of sizes and cuts, meaning every woman will find something to suit her. Whatever style you go for, Ana Heart’s got you covered - all of our yoga pants are 100% opaque, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that nothing is on show that you wouldn’t want to be, leaving you to focus all your attention on your practice. What’s more, our yoga pants won’t slip down, even in the most challenging of balancing poses! As with all of our products, you’ll find only the highest-quality materials used in our yoga pants - stretchy, lightweight and breathable, you’ll feel like they’re a second skin. Ana Heart yoga pants are also durable and extremely long-wearing.

When you browse our selection you’ll find one of our favourite models, the Kravitz yoga leggings. These are the perfect women’s yoga leggings for the modern day yogini. Both figure-flattering and functional, they’re sleek, smooth and soft. The vertical mesh panel creates a leg-lengthening look and will allow your skin to breathe, meaning these are the perfect yoga pants for hot bikram yoga classes! The classic black colour means they’ll go with everything in your workout wardrobe, and can be mixed and matched with any one of Ana Heart’s yoga bras or yoga tees. Two other classic yoga leggings in our selection are the Love wrap leggings, with their stylish ruched waist band, and the Moss ballet leggings with their gorgeous ankle-tie detail - each combining the perfect mix of elegant styling with complete functionality.

Why not challenge old habits and experiment with new styles?

We know how important it is to feel good in your own skin when you’re working out. Gone are the days of throwing on an old tee and some PJ bottoms to go to the gym or a fitness class. Today, women want to look just as stylish in their sportswear as they would anywhere else. Ana Heart understands that every woman is unique, which is why each and every one of our beautiful, handcrafted items of yoga clothing is made in a variety of styles, cuts and colours, with incredible attention to detail. The same goes for our yoga pants. From classic, high-waist and figure-hugging yoga bottoms, to mesh leggings and shorts, to ballet-style yoga leggings, Ana Heart is your go-to store for fashion-forward and functional yoga pants. Whether you’re a yoga-newbie or long-time yogini, browse our collection today - because a good fitting pair of yoga bottoms are an indispensable item in any yogini’s kit.

At Ana Heart, we know yoga - and we know just how much of a difference good quality yoga clothes and equipment can make to your performance. From your yoga bra to your yoga pants, and even the mat you practice on, so many elements go into creating the perfect yoga session. Ana Heart understands this, which is why our online yoga store offers yoga gear that uses high-tech, innovative sports material that boosts your performance in every workout by allowing your skin to breathe and enabling maximum movement. But we also know just how important it is for a woman to look her best whilst she’s practicing. Finding the right-fitting pair of yoga pants is one thing - finding a pair that enhances your best features and lets you put your own personal style stamp on your yoga outfit, is another. From our yoga clothes, jewelry and accessories, to our range of yoga equipment, like our Urban Nomad yoga bag and empowering yoga mat, each and every one of Ana Heart’s items embodies our Brand DNA, Urban Peace. This is the perfect mix of minimalist Parisian street style with a relaxed nomadic feel.

Our yoga pants come in a wide range of unique styles, made using only the most beautifully soft, ultra-comfortable fabrics, in a variety of subtle, monochrome colours. Stylish and modern, they embody our signature style Urban Peace; cool, minimalist and with a touch of rock-chic. The best thing about our yoga bottoms is that they’re not confined to the studio or the gym. With their unique styling and cool, urban look, you can wear them anywhere you like. Throw on a pair of our Marley sweatpants and nail the loungewear look. These uber-soft fleece sweatpants, with their fitted rib ankles and relaxed drawcord waistband, are perfect for the weekend, out shopping, at coffee with friends or just chilling at home. Dress them up or down with one of our relaxed yoga tees or our on-trend leather biker jacket and your favourite pair of sneakers. Our Moss ballet leggings are perfect for any workout, particularly dance-based classes. These opaque, double-waisted pants will keep you covered in all the right places and flatter any figure, lengthening legs and giving a streamlined look. As always with Ana Heart, it’s the attention to detail that makes our clothes stand out. The Moss leggings will delight any yogini with their ultra-feminine and elegant ankle ties. They also make the perfect gift for that yogini in your life so if you’re looking for one, browse our gift card selection today!

Have we mentioned you can wear our yoga pants outside the yoga studio?

Sportswear, and loungewear in particular, has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years. Workout gear is now a staple part of the fashion world, with designers from across the globe incorporating elements of sportswear into their brands and exhibiting key looks like baseball caps, sweatpants, sports bra tops and other gym wear on international catwalks. The ongoing craze for loungewear goes hand in hand with this trend, and has made its move from the catwalk to the highstreet as more and more women embrace the relaxed look every day. The great thing about loungewear is that it incorporates elements of your workout gear but is relaxed enough to be worn anywhere. From loose, drawstring sweatpants to sports-style tank tops and comfy sweaters, loungewear is hugely accessible - and can be dressed up or down, to wear anytime, anywhere.

Ana Heart has fully embraced the sportswear-fashion trend, with our extensive collections of yoga wear including sports bras, yoga pants, yoga tops and even a unique range of yoga accessories and jewelry. The best thing about our clothes is that they’re not confined to the studio. Stylish enough to wear every day, Ana Heart yoga clothing and accessories will provide the perfect wardrobe basics for any woman, and can be mixed and matched with all your key pieces and dressed up or down. Our gorgeous jewelry range features the incredible Love Tuner necklace. Available in white, bronze, black and antique silver, the Love Tuner has a double function - not only will it look cool with any outfit, it also acts as a mindfulness tool, to be used during any yoga or meditation session. It works as a whistle that emits the so-called “love hertz” when blown into - at 528Hz, this frequency resonates with your own body’s energy, focussing the mind and spirit, and promoting an overall feeling of wellbeing.

For the ultimate in relaxed-chic, look no further than our fabulous range of yoga pants. From loose fitting bottoms to figure-flattering leggings and cool mesh-detail shorts, we’ve got something to suit every woman, every style, every shape and every look. The innovative, high-tech fabrics used in or yoga pants are soft, supple, lightweight and breathable, so you’ll be able to perform to your best ability in any kind of fitness class. They are also so comfortable they’ll feel like a second skin, meaning you’ll want to wear them everywhere - and we mean everywhere; chilling at home, out and about with friends, brunching on a Sunday… browse the collections today and get ready to relax.

Uncompromising quality and design perfection in all of our yoga leggings

When it comes to quality, no expense is spared at Ana Heart. All of the items in our extensive collections of yoga wear are made to perfection, using ethically sourced, high-quality fabrics and handcrafted in our studio in London. Our yoga pants, bras and tops are all made to last, which means you can wear, and wash them, time after time, class after class. You might be worn out after a hardcore fitness session - but your workout clothes won’t be.

Quality goes hand-in-hand with style at Ana Heart. The materials we use in our garments ensure they are long-wearing and will provide you will ultimate comfort through any fitness session, whether that’s high or low-impact; sweating it out on the treadmill or balancing in a yoga or Pilates class. Our beautiful yoga bras are made to support you through any workout with their elastic underband, durable straps and hard-wearing, yet ultra-soft fabric. Our yoga pants are also built to last, workout after workout, made using technical fabric that’s quick-drying and breathable so you won’t have to worry about sweat getting in your way.

When it comes to looking after your Ana Heart items, always remember to read the care labels. These are found on the back of all of our items and will help you to keep your pieces in top condition so they’ll last even longer. Most of our bras, tops and pants all contain delicate, specialist fabrics that should be washed separately (in cold water) and never tumble-dried - this will also ensure that your garments keep their colour and vibrancy, particularly with our dip dye leggings and yoga bras.