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Ana Heart was born from @amandibgui creative will when this interior designer yogini met @anaheartayoga , her yoga teacher and mentor. Amanda is French and has lived in London for many years. She has been an interior designer for 12 years and no trend can emerge without her seeing it. She is an urban lifestyle addict, and this is visible through her architectural work and her Parisian effortless street style. She is the happy mum of 3 kids, works 12-hour days, loves her job, has a passion for fashion and has found a wonderful balance with yoga. Rachel is American, from Michigan, and lives in Miami Beach with her husband and her baby girl. Yogini, devoted teacher, holistic and nutrition coach with very high-standard certifications, Rachel is an expert when it comes to making women look gorgeous in their active outfits. Both young women share a vision of an ideal woman: powerful yet feminine, seducing, active, some rock, and lots of positive energy. Their lifestyles have a lot in common, but are still very different: Amanda the urban one, Rachel the zen one. Very naturally comes the will to mix up their wardrobes, and there rises the brand DNA of «Urban Peace».

Ana Heart -
202 (1st floor) Fulham Road - London SW10 9PJ, UK -
$40 - $120 Ana Heart Phone: +44 203 747 6777