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Yoga bras

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Supportive yet weightless yoga bras, so you can concentrate on your moves

Every yogini needs a good yoga bra to aid her in her practice and provide maximum comfort, ease and movement. Just like your ordinary bra, and sports bra, finding a good-fitting, high-quality yoga bra is essential - just as essential, in fact, as your yoga mat and any other key equipment you bring to practice. Yoga, in all its various forms, is a challenging form of exercise. From Hatha to Ashtanga to Vinyasa Flow and Bikram hot yoga, you’ll be moving between a series of standing, sitting and balancing poses as you practice. This is no easy feat, requiring strength, flexibility, concentration, balance and great deal of mental focus, meaning it’s vital to be kitted out in the most supportive clothing every time. After all, the last thing you want to worry about while you’re in downward dog is whether your bra is holding up, or your yoga pants or top are covering everything that needs covering!

If you’re looking for the perfect yoga sport bra, one that’s at once comfortable, unique and stylish, look no further than Ana Heart, the boutique online yoga store that caters for all your practicing needs. At Ana Heart we know women - and we know yoga, which means we understand just how important it is to look and feel your best in the studio. Our vast collection of yoga clothing features a range of the highest quality yoga bras, made with both functionality and style in mind. We only use the high-tech sports materials in our yoga bras that will move with your body as you practice and provide maximum support in all poses.

Our yoga bras are perfect for low, medium or high impact classes. Wear them to the yoga studio, Pilates classes or even a heavy session on the treadmill - we guarantee you’ll be covered in all respects, meaning you can focus on the most important thing… your workout! And of course, like all of Ana Heart’s pieces, from our yoga pants to our yoga accessories, you won’t just feel confident in your yoga bra, you’ll look super stylish while you’re at it. Available in a range of subtle colours, with gorgeous finishing touches like mesh detail, elegant and sexy back strapping and cool, embroidered prints, we know you’ll love your Ana Heart yoga bra. And don’t forget our yoga bra tops - the perfect addition to your chic yoga look.

Sport tones the body and awakens the soul for any challenges ahead!

Throughout the decades, from when it first hit the market to its appearance on international catwalks today, the face of women’s sportswear has changed beyond recognition. Gone are the days when only functionality mattered when it came to working out. Sportswear is now a huge part of the fashion industry, and has moved out of the studio and onto the highstreet. Today, it is just as important a part of any woman’s wardrobe as her workwear. “Loungewear” - comfortable clothing that’s just as suitable for wear at home and out and about as it is for the gym - is one of the most notable offshoots of sportswear. Leggings sneakers, sports tops and sweatpants are just as likely to feature in a woman’s wardrobe as her gym kit.

Along with advances in style, sportswear as specifically designed for working out has undergone a technical revolution, and is today one of the fastest growing sectors in the textile industry. From swimwear to running gear, and just about everything in between, the fabric used in products like sports bras, pants, tops and leggings has over time become increasingly durable, flexible, supportive, aerodynamic, and generally safer. This has had a remarkable influence on athletes’ overall performance, mainly thanks to the introduction of E-textiles, or “smart fabrics”, which have been proven to be more breathable, lightweight and supportive.

You don’t have to be an athlete, or even a gym-buff, to know just how important it is to have properly-fitting, comfortable sportswear. For women, probably the most important sports item they’ll ever own is a sports bra. Not only is it vital for protecting the breasts and chest area during exercise, a good sport bra also aids performance, minimizing physical discomfort and reducing any potential damage to chest ligaments. Sports bras are an indispensable item when practicing yoga - although it may be less high-impact that other sports, it’s still important to stay supported. In any given class, you’ll be moving between numerous poses which requires ultimate flexibility, so it’s essential that your chest is protected during class. If you’re a yogini looking for the perfect sports bra, Ana Heart is your go-to online store. From classic designs in muted colours, to funky dip dye prints, choose a yoga bra that’s as unique as you are.

Find comfort and style in our selection of yoga and sports bras

Ana Heart’s extensive range of yoga bras will delight every yogini, both practiced devotees and yoga newbies alike. Browse our yoga sports bra collections and discover beautiful, hand-crafted yoga bras that combine ultimate comfort with maximum support, and use only the most innovative, high-tech fabrics that are quick-drying, lightweight and breathable; all essential factors during your practice. At Ana Heart we live and breathe yoga, which means we know the difference between an average sports bra and one that will boost your performance and confidence and make you feel amazing each time you head out to practice. Every one of our yoga bras is designed with specific yoga postures in mind. We know how demanding practice can be - both physically and mentally - and how important it is to be well supported throughout. Our online store contains a wide variety of yoga bras in a range of shapes, sizes and styles to suit very yogini out there. Our yoga bra tops will also delight - from ballet styles, to loose-fitting and asymmetric.

From feminine to edgy, pretty to playful, cool and chic, each one of Ana Heart’s yoga sports bras combines ultimate comfort with elegant and sexy styling, meaning you’ll look both look and feel fantastic during your practice. If you’re looking for a classic model that can be paired with a range of wardrobe items, our Monroe bra is for you. The Monroe Racer bra is supple and quick-drying with a carbon finish. Available in carbon, grey, black and white, its feminine shape and thin gold lurex straps will look good as part of any yoga outfit. Team with any one of our gorgeous yoga bra tops to complete your outfit.

If you’re after an edgier look, our Miller bra is for you. Its soft, chafe-resistant fabric and elastic underband will make you feel cosy and well-supported, whilst the sexy strappy back will add just the right amount of understated glam to your yoga outfit. And don’t forget to check out our latest additions like the Gigi and Cara bras. The gorgeous Gigi printed bra is both fashion-forward and functional with its chic, coral blue all-over print and its elastic underband for strong support. The Gigi bra is the perfect match for our funky Brooklyn print leggings.

Yoga equipment to complete your workout

Ana Heart’s online yoga store features clothing collections that feature everything you could possibly need for your yoga practice. Along with all of the essentials like yoga pants, yoga tees, leggings and yoga tops, you’ll also find a unique range of jewelry to complete your look, and practical equipment that will aid you in your practice, like the Urban Nomad print yoga bag and our sturdy yoga mat.

For the utmost comfort during any workout or yoga session, Ana Heart has got you covered. From the perfect-fitting yoga sports bra to the most comfortable and supportive yoga bottoms you could imagine, and a unique range of yoga tees and yoga bra tops, you’ll feel great in Ana Heart. And our selection doesn’t stop at yoga clothes. Check out our extensive range of yoga gear and equipment, including the cool Urban Nomad yoga bag. Large enough to hold all your yoga essentials, including your yoga mat, our chic print bag is a must-have.

Whether you’re looking for yourself, or searching for the perfect present for a fellow yogini, we know you’ll find something that you love at Ana Heart. And if you’re not sure of your loved one’s exact size or style preference, don’t forget that we offer yoga gift cards. With a range of values, our gift cards are the ultimate present for any yogini. Give them the gift of choice today and they can choose from a world of beautiful yoga clothing, jewelry and accessories.