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Go urban-chic with our yoga bag

As all yoginis know, yoga is so much more than just a sport - it’s an ancient art that has evolved over centuries, developed and taken on different forms and meanings. The physical practice goes hand in hand with a whole range of other mental and spiritual benefits. Practicing yoga requires balance, poise, strength, agility and focus - and us yoginis know more than anyone just how vital it is to be kitted out with the proper yoga clothes, accessories and equipment to help us on our way. That’s where Ana Heart comes in. Ana Heart is the go-to US online yoga store for all your yogic needs.

Browse our collections and find everything from yoga clothing - including extensive collections of yoga tees, yoga pants, leggings and yoga bras - to a unique and stunning range of yoga accessories and equipment. All yoginis, whether you’re super-skilled and have been practising for many years, or a complete newcomer, need to be properly supported in class. This means having the right clothes and accessories so you’re always prepared and can achieve your best performance.

But it’s not just about the clothes; accessories like a yoga bag are incredibly important too. If you’re serious about yoga, you’ll need a good yoga bag to carry all your essentials, including your yoga mat. A good quality, high-performance yoga bag is an investment for life so you’ll want one that’s both durable and stylish to see you through, class after class. Ana Heart’s yoga mat bag is one of our most classic and coveted items - both functional and fashion-forward, out Urban Nomad yoga bag is so stylish you’ll want to carry it everywhere, not just to the studio. No yogini should be without a trusty yoga mat bag - get yours today at Ana Heart.

The yoga bag: every yogini’s must-have item

Ana Heart stocks a wide range of beautiful and stylish yoga wear and yoga accessories to suit the modern-day yogini. Whatever your shape, size and style, we’ve got a huge variety of yoga clothing and much more to discover at our yoga shop. One of the most unique items in our collections is our gorgeous yoga mat bag. It’s the perfect yoga tote in which to carry all your kit including your yoga mat. Like all Ana Heart pieces, the yoga bag is technically excellent and made using only the highest quality and most innovative fabrics.

When it comes to quality, Ana Heart is unbeatable. Our yoga tote is made from 100% cotton and feels great to carry. Its features are practical too - you’ll find separate compartments for all your yoga gear and must-have items, including a pouch for your water bottle and a small zip pocket for your smartphone. Our yoga bag is also large enough to fit a traditional yoga mat - why not take a look at our Ana Heart empowering yoga mat while you’re at it? You’ll be fully prepared for any yoga session with these two essentials.

Our yoga bag is durable, sturdy and long-wearing, but because we also know the modern yogini wants to look her best on the way to practice, we’ve created a bag that’s super-stylish too. You’ll absolutely love the beautiful muted color combo and statement print on the bag. The yoga mat bag is the perfect embodiment of our signature brand style, Urban Peace - a combination of Parisian street-chic and nomadic style. Our unique yoga mat bag would make a great gift for your yoga-loving friend. But if you’re not sure exactly what they would pick out, why not give them the gift of choice and purchase one of Ana Heart’s gift cards? We stock gift cards in a range of values. Browse our selection today.

Beautiful yoga wear only at Ana Heart

From elegant yoga bras to gorgeous yoga tops in a vast array of styles and colors, and even a range of stunning yoga jewelry, Ana Heart’s collections will delight and inspire all yoginis. Our brand was born out of a true passion for fashion, coupled with an unparalleled knowledge of the art of yoga. Our yoga clothing collections were designed by women for women. That’s why you’ll find pieces that are not just suitable for the gym or yoga studio, but can be worn anywhere, anytime and provide the perfect basics for any wardrobe. Our chic, urban style is perfect for any modern-day yogini, and women everywhere who appreciate beautifully made clothes and timeless style.

Our brand style, Urban Peace, runs throughout all our collections, from the White Boutique to our Sun Salutation range. You’ll find exquisite, hand-crafted yoga clothes and accessories that are made to feel like a second skin. To move properly and feel entirely comfortable and supported in demanding poses you’ll need a pair of the highest quality yoga pants. Ana Heart’s Hendrix Supertechnic leggings are the perfect solution. Like all of our pants, these double waist leggings are quick-dry, 100% opaque and made using the finest, high-stretch materials that allow for maximum movement. The same goes for our ultra-supportive yoga bras. You’ll find bras in a range of gorgeously soft fabrics, all with chafe-resistant elastic bands under the bust that allow you to feel completely secure as you practice.

The real beauty of Ana Heart’s creations lies in the attention to detail; like the beautiful and sexy mesh detail in our Ivy bra or the elegant cross back straps on the Miller bra. The same goes for out fabulous selection of yoga accessories and equipment like our yoga jewelry, yoga mat and yoga bag. Ana Heart’s Urban Nomad yoga bag is the perfect addition to any yoga wardrobe. Spacious enough to fit your yoga mat and other essentials like your water bottle and smartphone, it’s both practical and stylish - with its cool, muted print it’ll go with everything in your daytime looks… you'll want to carry it everywhere!

Garment care for longer wear

Ana Heart yoga wear is an investment for life. Each and every one of our items is made using only the very finest materials so you’ll look and feel great during practice and you’ll be able to wear and use them time after time. To ensure maximum wear you’ll need to properly care for your products. This means paying attention when washing and drying each one and always following our garment care instructions.

Because many of the fabrics we use in our clothing and accessories are specialist sports materials, you’ll need to ensure they stay in tip-top condition by caring for them properly. The material we use in all our products is delicate and will need to be handled properly in order to maintain its shape, color and technical benefits.

The same goes for our yoga bag. The yoga mat bag is lightweight, durable and made using 100% cotton. In order to maintain your yoga bag’s shape and color wash after wash, we recommend hand washing it in warm water, or on a delicate cycle, using only a mild detergent, and avoiding any harsh bleach-based products. Never tumble dry your bag - leave it to air-dry naturally.