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With the Ana Heart’s kids’ yoga clothing range, the littlest yoginis can be just as stylish as mom

We know you look for quality, durability and style when you shop for yoga wear with Ana Heart, and now the same is possible when it comes to shopping for your kids’ yoga clothing. Know that they have the best start when they begin their own yoga practice with great leggings and tops designed with their growing bodies in mind.

We benefit so much from yoga, it seems unfair that the grown-ups get to reap all the rewards from putting in the commitment and discipline to a practice that grows our strength and flexibility. There’s a lot to be said for getting them their own mat and including your children in your yoga sessions, starting them off with the basics to help improve their mobility, focus and wellbeing. With the stretch of the Lola leggings and the comfort of the Just Like Her t-shirt she’ll be supported right from when she starts out with Child’s Pose until she masters her first headstand.

Yoga can be enjoyed in helping to vary an active lifestyle for your child, but the benefits will far outstrip those of pure fitness. You will notice greater levels of concentration, reduced stress and a more positive view of their bodies and the world when your little one starts. Save time and space for your kids to devote time for themselves and their practice and you’ll soon be seeing positive changes in all aspects of their lives.

All girls want to be ‘Just like her’ and now they can with Ana Heart children’s yoga clothes

If you have browsed elsewhere for children’s yoga clothes, then you’ll that know you are met with a wall of dizzying patterns in gaudy colors that will make even your youngest fashionistas turn their nose up. If you’re looking for something a little more refined, that reflects your own stylish tastes, then the ‘Just like her’ range is perfect for young chic yoginis.

You will see echoes of your own Ana Heart wardrobe all over the ‘Just like her’ kids’ yoga clothing collection. The Lola leggings are a mini version of the Moss leggings and the ‘Serial Chiller’ top is like a slouchy Selena. This gives you and your daughter the perfect opportunity to dress to match as you practice yoga together, making you the chicest pair in the studio.

Matching yoga clothes is just the start when it comes to making sure you are setting an example you want your children to follow. Your little ones look to you and the habits they from watching you will stick with them throughout their whole life. One you have your ballet leggings on, involving your daughter with your own yoga practice will set her up with more than a healthy body, she’ll learn a sense of discipline, grow in self-acceptance and generally become a happier girl.

Fresh and trendy kids’ clothes for our youngest fashionistas

You put in a lot of work to make sure you are looking good while you are deepening your yoga practice and now the kids can get a piece of the fashion action with their own trendy kids’ clothes. All kids’ yoga clothing from Ana Heart is designed to support little and growing bodies without compromising on style. All the little details that are a trademark to the Ana Heart brand, such as the single brushstroke, can all be found as accents in the new kids clothing range.

Cutting edge style is available to every young yogini who shops with Ana Heart but they can also reassure their parents by staying children at heart. Just look at the roomy cut of the ‘Serial Chiller’ t-shirt which allows for growing room as well as providing the coverage that is appropriate for their age. Style should never mean denying a child a chance to enjoy their youth unimpeded by uncomfortable clothing.

Like the men’s and women’s clothing at Ana Heart, these trendy kids’ clothes are made to be worn everywhere and not just the yoga studio. They can be worn for other activities, particularly ballet and dance with the lace-up cuffs and great mobility of the Lola leggings. Because they are so chic, the kids’ yoga clothing can be worn everywhere such as when they’re out and about with mom, off to school or at a playdate.

Quality kids’ clothing, whatever their age

For years, all Ana Heart products have carried a quality guarantee, so all of our customers are assured they are getting something that is well-made, durable and made from the best materials. When your top priority is a yoga session where you can move without worrying about your clothes not supporting you, you look for clothes that do just that. Now all of our little yoginis can enjoy the same assurance with their new kids’ yoga clothing range.

The ‘Serial Chiller’ top is made from 100% Supima cotton that won’t suffocate or irritate sensitive skin as your daughter goes about her normal, boisterous life. This breathable fabric is completely natural, and the loose fit will allow for full range of movement, whatever she gets up to.

From natural to high tech, we’ve chosen fabrics that are made to stretch and support your child’s body when we made our Lola leggings. Supplex is well known to be quick-drying, soft to the touch and stretchy so any kid will find it easy to get into the more complicated poses as they move in these great leggings.

We stock sizes 4-12Y so even the littlest of yoga partners and kids who are nearly big enough for Ana Heart’s adult clothes will be able to look good in the perfect kids’ yoga clothing. They might even start hankering after their own yoga jewelry to set off their new outfits of quality kids’ clothing from Ana Heart.