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Stay grounded with Ana Heart’s yoga mat

At Ana Heart US, we’re serious about yoga. If you’re a yogini looking for the very best quality yoga clothing, accessories and jewelry, you’ve come to the right place. Our boutique online yoga shop stocks a vast range of items for the modern-day yogini - everything from yoga pants to yoga tees, leggings, accessories and quality yoga equipment. Ana Heart’s passion for fashion, coupled with our expert knowledge of the ancient art of yoga, is visible throughout all of our unique collections, from our White Boutique to our Lifestyle Collection and Sun Salutation range. Yoga is a demanding practice and you need to be kitted out with the very best quality yoga clothes and accessories to achieve your top performance. Browse through our collections today and you’ll find everything your heart desires.

One of the most essential items in any yogini’s gym wardrobe is her yoga mat. The yoga mat is your best new best friend. If you’re practising a lot, you’ll need yoga mat that’s sturdy, supportive and made of the best high-tech fabric to allow you to perform to your best ability. Ana Heart’s yoga mat is the best on the market. As with all of our products, you’ll find unbeatable quality and the very best performance. Our empowering mat is made with only the highest quality, most technically innovative materials so you’ll be covered in every class. Our high-performance, latex-free mat is the perfect solution. Practice anywhere, anytime with our gym mat.

From Vinyasa Flow to Ashtanga to hot Bikram classes, yoga is hard work. In any given session, you’ll be moving between a series of demanding poses including floorwork, balancing postures and stretches. The practice requires strength, physical and mental focus, agility and flexibility, so you’ll need all the help you can get in achieving your very best during class. Ana Heart is on hand. Our yoga mat will soon become your favorite item - both lightweight and durable, it will support you in your practice class after class. It provides ultimate stability, is slip-resistant and easy to carry - what more could you want in a gym mat? Our yoga mat can be used for a variety of purposes besides yoga - use it as a gym mat both at home and the studio for the ultimate workout session!

Make it your best workout with a great gym mat

Whether you’re a gym bunny, Pilates-pro, yoga lover or dance enthusiast, having the proper equipment to practise with is key to your performance in class. This means not only having the correct clothing (the right pants, sports bra, top and shoes) to allow you maximum comfort, movement and flexibility during your workout, but also a good quality set of equipment. Yoga requires a range of tools that will aid your practice and boost your performance. Such tools include yoga blocks, a strap to help you with those tricky poses and stretches and a yoga mat. A high-quality yoga mat is every yogini’s best friend. If you’re looking for the perfect one to practice with, look no further than Ana Heart. Our empowering yoga mat has it all - and more.

A gym mat is an essential feature of any fitness fan’s kit. Use it at home, at the gym or in the studio for a wide range of sports and disciplines. Whatever your chosen workout style, your mat should be your best friend. Whether you’re practising yoga, Pilates or simply meditating at home, the gym mat is your base, supporting you in all you do during your workout. But you don’t want just any mat - you’ll need one that’s ultra-comfortable, made of high quality material and allows you to easily perform a range of exercises, both standing and seated. Look no further than Ana Heart’s yoga mat. Its unbeatable performance and quality make it the best mat on the market.

If you practice yoga regularly, you’ll know that most studios rent out mats to students by the class. Not only can this be very costly, particularly if you practice every day, but also restrictive - having your own yoga mat means that you can practice anytime and anywhere you choose, not only in the studio. What’s more, you can care for your own mat properly, meaning it will stay fresh, clean and in perfect condition class after class. That’s why Ana Heart’s yoga mat is an investment for life. The top quality technical material we use to make our mats for yoga provide ultimate support. Our mat is cushioned and made to just the right thickness so that you can perform any exercise in perfect comfort and ease. When you purchase an Ana Heart yoga mat, you’ll never want to go back to rented mats!

Ana Heart - the ultimate in yoga wear

Whether you’re a complete novice just starting out on your yoga journey, or a practiced yogini who knows all her asanas by heart, you’ll love Ana Heart’s range of beautiful yoga wear, accessories and equipment. We stock everything from yoga pants and leggings to yoga bras, tops and tees, and a stunning selection of yoga jewelry, including our unique Love Tuner. We know the modern-day yogini wants to look and feel her absolute best when she practices, which is why all our items are both functional and fashion-forward. In Ana Heart, you’ll look chic and stylish in your gym wear - and the best part? You can wear our items with other key pieces in your wardrobe, and transition seamlessly from the studio to the street, out brunching with friends or simply running errands.

When you browse through our collections, you’ll find high-performance clothes and accessories that are unbeatable in both quality and style. Chic, minimalist and ultra-urban, you’ll want to wear our pieces everywhere - not just to the studio. Check out our wide variety of beautiful and functional yoga bras. Your yoga bra is one of your most key pieces - especially for all those hot yoga sessions where you’ll be wearing only your bra and some shorts or lightweight leggings. Choose from beautiful models like our Miller bra. With its intricate, elegant straps, you’ll feel ultra-stylish - pair it with our Moss ballet-style leggings for the ultimate in yoga-chic. With their cute, unique ankle ties, you’ll stand out from the crowd. And don’t forget about our extensive range of tops - everything from asymmetric cuts to loose-fitting tees and gorgeous printed tanks tops.

Ana Heart also stocks a selection of equipment that’s perfect for your practice, including mats for yoga and a cool yoga bag. Each of these items is a must-have for any woman who’s serious about practising yoga. Our yoga mat or bag would make the ultimate gift for a yogini, or any kind of fitness fan in your life. We know that it can be tough choosing the ideal gift as you can never be entirely sure of you friend or loved one’s exact size or preferred color or style. That’s where Ana Heart’s gift cards come in handy. We stock gift cards in a range of values, so if you’re looking to treat that yoga lover or gym bunny in your life, why not give them the gift of choice and purchase one of our gift cards today.

Get the most out of your yoga mat

Ana Heart’s yoga mats are the best gym mats you’ll find on the market today and are perfect for use in any type of yoga session or other fitness practice. Possibly the most important piece of equipment you’ll ever need to perform yoga, a good mat keeps you steady and grounded at all times during any practice. Ana Heart’s empowering mat provides everything you need. Our high-performance mat is both lightweight and durable, so it’s easy to carry to class and will last you a lifetime - provided it’s properly cared for. Our mat isn’t called “empowering” for nothing. It’s a key tool in your practice and will boost your performance class after class.

The yoga mat provides you with unparalleled stability which, as all yoginis know, is crucial when you’re moving from pose to pose. It’s vital that your mat is just the right thickness to provide you with the correct level of cushioning and support - at 5mm thick, our mat is perfect. The materials we use to create our mats are of premium quality; they’re 100% latex-free and we guarantee you’ll feel the difference when you practice. Our mat is also slip-resistant and non-sticky so you’ll stay put whether you’re in downward dog, side plank or any other asana.

You’ll want to take good care of your yoga mat so that it stays clean and fresh after each and every class. We all know that yoga can sometimes be sweaty business, meaning it’s essential you get into a routine of cleaning your mat after class. Looking after your mat isn’t hard; all you need is a spray-bottle, some water and a little essential oil (we love lemon, peppermint and lavender). Spray your mat and then finish by wiping it with a hot, damp towel. If your mat needs a little extra TLC, you can always soak it in the bathtub and leave it hanging to dry.