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Yoga Cap: a Yogini Must-Have

As every yogini out there knows, having the right yoga wear works wonders for your performance in class. That perfect-fitting pair of yoga pants or leggings, the ultimate supportive yoga bra or a fitted yoga tee can boost your practice by allowing your body to move fluidly throughout poses, and giving you maximum flexibility. But the right yoga clothes will also make you feel good in your own skin as you work out - something that Ana Heart believes every woman deserves.

Ana Heart is your one-stop online yoga store for all the essentials you could ever need in your yogic practice; from yoga tops to yoga bras to a range of stunning and unique yoga accessories and jewelry, our beautiful, hand-crafted items will suit every woman and every type of yoga practice. We know yoga, and we know women - so we’ve got you covered… in every sense!
v A must-have item in any yogini’s wardrobe is a yoga cap. Both fashion-forward and functional, the yoga cap serves multiple purposes - and we know it will soon become one of your favorite items. Ana Heart’s pray for Yoga designer cap is the ultimate in style and practicality. Our yoga cap creates the perfect stylish finish for any yoga outfit, adding that touch of sporty chic. Wear our designer cap both in and out of the yoga studio - you’ll want to take it everywhere with you!

Yoga in Style with a Designer Cap from Ana Heart

From yoga caps to running hats, headwear is the latest in the sportswear trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. Gone are the days when sports gear was confined to the gym or the track - from Dior to DKNY to Gucci, designers from across the globe have fully embraced the sportswear look in a number of their collections recent years. In fact, the trend long ago made it from the catwalks to the highstreet to our wardrobes.

The most iconic symbol of sportswear? The baseball cap. This classic piece of sports headgear is enjoying a well-deserved Renaissance in the fashion world, with designers embracing the trend on catwalks globally. It’s also something of a national symbol in the US; from baseball-style to Brooklyn-style, you can’t get much more all-American than the humble baseball cap.

First invented in 1860 (and worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors), the baseball cap became popular in the US in the twentieth century. In the 1940s, latex was added to stiffen the body of the hat and the modern baseball cap was born. From print to vintage, preppy to cute, the cap can be worn anywhere, anytime - and it’s taken the yoga world by storm also. Ana Heart’s designer cap is every yogini’s best friend. Both fashion-forward and functional, your yoga cap is the perfect prop for keeping the sun - and sweat - away and completing your chic workout look.

Beautiful Yoga Clothes for You

Whether you’re a practised yogini who knows her Mountain Pose from her Warrior Two, or you’re just starting out on your yoga journey, you’ll need to be kitted out in the right yoga clothing - and that’s where Ana Heart comes in. At Ana Heart we understand just how important it is to feel and look your best in the studio. We’ve created a stunning range of hand-crafted yoga clothes and accessories that will delight any woman who appreciates timeless fashion, premium quality and effortlessly cool styling.

If you’re looking for stylish yoga clothes that can also be worn outside of the studio, and mixed and matched with other key wardrobe items, look no further than Ana Heart. We’ve nailed the loungewear look, and you’ll find a whole range of beautiful pieces that embrace the casual-chic trend at Ana Heart’s online yoga shop. Each one of our pieces embodies our brand DNA Urban Chic - the perfect combination of minimalist Parisian street style with a relaxed nomadic vibe.

From our uber-comfortable Marley sweatpants to our relaxed Manson racer tank yoga top and the beautifully elegant Miller yoga bra, all of our pieces ooze comfort and cool. We’ve combined fashion with function - and we know you’ll want to wear these pieces everywhere. Your number one key item? The Ana Heart yoga cap. Our designer cap is your best friend. The perfect “no photos please” prop, your yoga cap is multifunctional - hiding those bad hair-days, masking the signs of a big night out and, most importantly of all, protecting you wherever you are from harmful UV sun rays.

Get Ahead with Ana Heart’s Yoga Cap

Transition effortlessly from the studio to the street in Ana Heart pieces. Our pieces combine three essential elements: simplicity, style and comfort. We’re dedicated to making every woman, everywhere feel good in our clothes and accessories - whether that’s in a pair of snug yoga leggings, a luxurious hoodie or that classic of all classic sports items: a yoga cap.

Ana Heart’s yoga cap is perfect for any yoga, gym or meditation session, and will keep you protected at all times - both from sweat and harmful UV sun rays. As with all of our products, you’ll find quality design that perfectly combines comfort and classic style. Made from 100% polyester, the yoga cap is both lightweight and durable. It’s all in the detail, with semi-sheer and solid panels, crown top and adjustable fastening. Wear in on the way to the studio, out shopping or for brunch with friends.

The Ana Heart yoga cap is the perfect gift for that yogini in your life. Picking out the right clothes for a loved one can sometimes be a tall order. It can be hard to know their exact fit or preferred style or color - that’s why our much-coveted yoga cap is the answer! Your recipient can wear it anytime, anywhere - the perfect wardrobe addition that can be styled up or down. And don’t forget Ana Heart also sells gift cards. Give your loved one the gift of choice with an Ana heart gift card - available in a range of values.