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Yoga Hoodies are keeping you warm through yoga’s quiet moments

Your yoga class might have you breaking out a sweat. Maybe it’s dynamic flow yoga. Or hot yoga. However intense you want to make your sessions, Ana Heart will have the perfect lightweight yoga tops for helping your skin breathe and keeping you cool.

There are times during yoga when it’s better to wrap up a little warmer in yoga sweatshirts. Every session should end with a relaxing Shavasana to clear the mind and absorb the exercises, but a skimpy vest top is not what you need for that. Committing to complete stillness on a yoga mat could do more harm that good if you end up cold and stiff at the end of it.

You could sign up for an inspiring outdoor yoga session. Nothing is more peaceful or balancing as trying a tree pose around actual trees. Or dolphin pose by the seashore. Or becoming an eagle on the mountain. These surroundings can be leave you exposed to a cool breeze even on the sunniest of days, so yoga sweatshirts are essential.

This is why every yogi needs decent yoga hoodies to hand at all times. You never know when a chill will pass over you during yoga and you need to keep those muscles warm and supple to avoid injury. One of Ana Heart’s stylish yoga hoodies is sure to keep you at just the right temperature while you focus on the next asana.

In the studio and out and about with key, versatile pieces

But whoever said you could only wear your yoga hoodies to yoga? An item of clothing as versatile as the hoodie has so much more to offer. Is the winter rain striking a complete contrast to the tropics of the hot yoga studio? Instead of freezing the sweat on your brow, wrap up warm as you head home in a piece that ties your whole outfit together. Going to or from the studio can always be your own yoga fashion catwalk when Ana Heart is making your clothing.

But what if yoga is not your only love? If you love jogging, sport, or any kind of outdoor fitness, an Ana Heart hoodie will set you right keeping the chill out without making you sweat too much. Any exercise you undertake will benefit from a little love from one of our yoga sweatshirts.

And then there’s the times when you’re away from your yoga mat or treadmill. We all like to be as comfortable as possible on those days when we’re doing absolutely nothing. Seeing as yoga hoodies are designed to be as comfy as possible when we’re working our body to its limit, it stands to reason that it will also feel good when we’re giving it a well-deserved break. For those lazy Sundays and cheat days in front of Netflix, snuggle up in yoga sweatshirts that will banish any stress from a hard week. You might even find that they are good enough to sleep in on those cold, long winter nights.

A wide variety of yoga hoodies for every single yogi

So when you’re shopping through Ana Heart’s range of yoga hoodies and yoga sweatshirts, you want to feel like a child in a candy store who has just been given six week’s allowance in advance. At Ana Heart, we will always give our customer a wide variety of choice whatever they’re shopping for.

Our biggest choice for outerwear most likely comes from our Lifestyle Collection. Designed with the yogini who puts a little of her practice into her everyday life, we naturally designed plenty of hoodies that would look great thrown over your perfectly coordinated yoga outfit. We even have something in every style! Our girly Ana heart fans will love the Lenny sweatshirt with the feminine lacing down the side. If you love your urban chic looks, the Mell hoodie has that edgy cropped design and a defiant ‘Feeling Good’ slogan across the shoulders. The contrast stripes down the arms also give it that street style that never goes out of fashion. And then there’s something for all you rockstars out there. The Jackson biker jacket looks like it should be made of heavy leather, but it is actually a cotton blend. Just what you need of you’re a punk chick who likes to downward dog.

Our most iconic piece is the Lauryn sweatshirt. In a soft, dusky pink, it would go with practically any item of clothing in the Ana Heart online store. It also embodies our key mantra, ‘Let’s Yoge’, which is everything Ana Heart is about, our rudder on our endlessly sailing ship.

Unique pieces that are more than your everyday sweatshirts

If there is something Ana Heart yoga hoodies are, it is not boring. Every single one of our items is made to stand apart from a market overflowing with poor quality yoga and fitness clothing. Each unique piece, for both men and women of all sizes, can never be accused of looking anything like another brand of yoga gear. In a world where cheap fabrics, garish colours, and faddy designs are the standard, Ana Heart aims to be a timeless bastion of style.

We’re a cut above the rest because of our uncompromising approach to quality in our clothing. The fabric we select has to be of the highest quality or it doesn’t go into making our clothes. Many of our hoodies are made of premium cotton for softness and cosy fleece for warmth. As sweaters are outerwear, we have also blended many of our cotton pieces with modal, a high-performance textile that is highly absorbent and completely breathable which will endure any physical exertions.

And then there are all those little details that are uniquely Ana Heart’s style. Whether we choose to go with a raw hem or a three-quarter sleeve, our decisions at every point in the creative process have the singular aim to make an item that you won’t find anywhere else. We also love carefully designing every slogan and motif that we choose to print onto our sweatshirt, knowing that these choices will have to go out into the world representing our brand. That’s why we never create a half-hearted message.