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Complete your look with stunning Ana Heart yoga jewelry

Ana Heart has combined an in-depth knowledge of yoga and a true passion for fashion and design to create unique, high quality and ultra-stylish yoga clothing and yoga jewelry to suit every woman. From yoga tops to yoga bras to a superb range of yoga pants, Ana Heart is your go-to online US yoga shop for every type of practice and style. All of our items embody our chic, minimalist and fashion-forward look, Urban Peace. At Ana Heart, you’ll find the highest quality and most technically innovative yoga clothes, yoga accessories and yoga equipment on the market.

But as any good yogini knows, it’s not just the yoga clothing that makes the outfit. There’s a whole world of yoga jewelry out there like bracelets, necklaces and earrings featuring stunning gemstones and the ultimate spiritual aid; Mala beads. Ana Heart’s online boutique yoga store offers a beautiful range of hand-crafted designer jewelry that will delight both practised yoginis and those new to the art alike. Our unique range of yoga jewelry features the incredible Lover Tuner.

Yoga jewelry is not just designed to complete a yoga outfit - it is very often used as an aid in meditation practice and can be worn and used both inside and out of the yoga studio, long after practice has ended. A great example of beautiful yoga jewelry is the Love Tuner. Available in Ana Heart’s designer jewelry section, the Love Tuner is one of our most unique and fascinating pieces of yoga jewelry. Much more than a piece of statement designer jewelry that will go with a range of outfits - it doubles up as a flute to aid your focus during practice!

Tune into the love frequency… and relax

Ana Heart yoga wear is designed by women for women. Each and every item featured in our unique collections is created out of a love of both yoga and timeless style, meaning it’s perfect for every woman out there - whether you’re a yoga lover, fashionista or simply appreciate quality sportswear products. Along with our vast selection of yoga clothes - everything from yoga tops to yoga mats and even a yoga cap - you’ll find a stunning collection of yoga jewelry that will delight and inspire. Wear our designer jewelry both in and out of the studio - we know you’ll love it.

Browsing our designer jewelry collection, you’ll find one particular item that stands out. The Love Tuner, for the uninitiated, is a very special piece of yoga jewelry that doubles up as a flute to aid you in your yoga and meditation practice. The Love Tuner works by resonating with your body’s own natural energy fields and can help focus your mind and bring ultimate clarity. How? When you blow into the Love Tuner it emits a vibration that’s in tune with the 528 hertz Love Frequency.

The frequency the Love Tuner emits is the same one found in all organic matter. Your brain first interprets this natural vibration, after which your body will experience it as a very pleasant, calm feeling of wellbeing that will focus your mind and help you to meditate. Our selection of Love Tuners all embody our brand’s style, Urban Peace - chic, elegant and minimalist. Available in a range of colors including bronze and antique silver, these make the perfect gift for that yogini in your life (and don’t forget we offer gift cards if you’re not sure which one they’d prefer).

Soothe your soul and focus your mind with Mala beads

Most yoginis will know that less is more when it comes to yoga. Essentially, all you really need to bring to practice is yourself, your mat and a bottle of water. But because Ana Heart knows yoga, we also know how important it is to feel fully prepared for class and to do everything you can to aid your practice and boost your performance. This includes having the proper yoga clothing to support you in your poses, and also the right accessories that act as an aid to practice. These can include everything from a yoga block to a yoga cap and even yoga jewelry - which you’ll find on our site.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that yoga jewelry, like standard jewelry, is simply used to accessorize outfits or style your wardrobe - in fact you couldn’t be more wrong. When it comes to yoga jewelry there’s a whole world of beautiful, and functional, pieces out there that are specifically designed to improve your performance and help you on your yogic journey. One such type of yoga jewelry comes in the form of Mala beads. Made from a variety of seeds, stones or crystals, Mala beads are a set of beads traditionally used in meditation.

You don’t have to be religious or even particularly spiritual to use Mala beads as yoga jewelry to aid you in your yoga or meditation practice. Just like your personal mantra, Mala beads are there to be used as an aid to calm your mind and encourage silent reflection and meditation, therefore improving your practice. Wear them in the form of a necklace, bracelet or even keep them between your thumb and forefinger as you meditate, much like Rosary or “worry” beads. Ana Heart’s very own Love Tuner can similarly be used as a meditative aid. When blown into, it will emit a Love Frequency at 528 hertz that will resonate through your body and calm your mind.

Designer jewelry for your perfect yoga outfit

Stones, gems and crystals have long been used in the ancient art of yoga. Yogis and yoginis have used minerals for centuries as a meditative aid to set intentions for practice, revive the spirit, calm the soul and promote mental clarity and focus. Gemstones and Mala beads are worn as yoga jewelry by many yoga enthusiasts both in and out of the studio today. More generally, stones and crystals have long been used in alternative therapies such as Reiki and other healing practices.

Using gemstones for healing and spiritual practices is known as Lithotherapy. This little known art uses the incredible healing power of crystals and gems to tap into our energy fields and promote physical and emotional wellbeing or enhance certain qualities. Specific gemstones can be used for a range of individual purposes. One of the best known crystals is Rose Quartz, the stone of love, used to promote self-love and compassion and heal old hurts. Other examples include Amethyst, used to enhance peace and stability, and Quartz which protects against negativity and promotes good mood. These can be carried on the person, used in various therapies or worn as yoga jewelry.

For the perfect yoga jewelry, look no further than Ana Heart. Ana Heart’s beaded gem Love Tuner is your go-to meditative aid and will really boost your performance in class by calming your body, soul and mind. Wear it around your neck or feel the beads as you meditate in Savasanah or in seated position. Yoga jewelry isn’t just about fashion, style or accessorizing - it’s a serious tool for all yoginis out there. Explore Ana Heart’s range of Love Tuners and get focussing today!