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Mens Yoga Clothing

  • Calm Down
    Long sleeve T-shirt
    $78 USD
  • Speak Easy
    $104 USD
  • Secret Garden
    $183 USD
  • Venice
    $39 USD
  • Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas
    Long sleeve T-shirt
    $72 USD
  • Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas
    Raglan T-shirt
    $60 USD
  • Six Senses Spas
    Infinity 2
    Raglan T-shirt
    $63 USD
  • Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas
    $164 USD
  • Six Senses Spas Six Senses Spas
    $95 USD
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Men’s yoga clothing

Looking as good as your favorite yogini is a cinch, now Ana Heart has launched their new line of quality yoga clothes for men. For our male friends the wait for stylish yoga wear is finally over with this collection which is already making its debut in yoga workshops everywhere. Finding yoga clothes for men that are chic and comfortable is perfect for any yogi who needs to find the balance between life, fitness and meditation.

Great men’s yoga clothing should help you concentrate on the most important things when you take to your mat. Your mind should be on every muscle and every breath during your session which is why Ana Heart has designed the men’s pieces to be unrestricting and come in subtle colors. Our men’s yoga clothing is sure to put you on the right track with your yoga practice with the quality clothing guaranteeing that the product will endure even the most intense sessions. We want our men’s yoga clothing to treat you as well as you treat yourself.

Ana Heart is now the first place on any yogi’s list of places to get men’s yoga clothing. It’s so exciting that all the men can now dress to match their female friends who admired as they became the best yoginis while wearing our tank tops and leggings. You could now become the next yoga power couple in our classic designs that are sure to suit everyone.

Men’s quality clothing

We are very selective when it comes to what materials go into our men’s yoga clothing. We expect you to be perfectly comfortable, so we chose natural fibers that are made to the highest standard assuring you of durable items that are up to the task of withstanding the most demanding yoga poses. Our promise to everyone wearing Ana Heart yoga clothes for men is that they can depend on our brand.

We selected a purely natural range of fabrics to make up the yoga clothes for men in this new collection, so our yogis know their skin can breathe while they get their sweat on. Every color of the Karma yoga shorts and Warrior hoodie are 100% cotton to guarantee strength and softness. The fleecy nature of the cotton keeps you warm as you are cooling down, preventing strained and tired muscles. All our yoga t-shirts are made from a natural mix of lyocell and cotton, which together have amazing wrinkle-resistant properties.

Men of every build can wear the items in this great new range of men’s yoga clothing, which come in sizes 1-4 and are cut for optimal movement. All yoga shorts come to the knee which gives the best of both coverage and maneuverability. Every yoga t-shirt comes in regular or loose fit and that roomy cut in the raglan sleeves will make sure no attempted yoga pose will be foiled by restrictive clothes ever again.

Unique items

With our awesome Malibu caps, yogis can now be stylish from their heads to their toes. These new yoga accessories for men are sure to set of their great new yoga look and are perfect for outdoor sessions on the beach. The caps come in deep green and purple, giving a wonderful pop of color in a collection that sports neutral tones. Over on our yoga accessories page you’ll find the Empowering Yoga Mat which would round off any yoga look from the men’s collection. While you’re there, you might want to check out some gift ideas for the yogini in your life.

Cool, muted colors are the watchword throughout the range with our t-shirts sporting hues such as oatmeal, ice blue and indigo to keep your mind focused on your yoga. You’ll never be lacking a piece that promotes your unique yogic outlook with the Secret Garden hoodie and its ‘Yoga Spirit’ patch on the left shoulder. Another expressive item would be the Infinity 2 yoga t-shirt with the faded print espousing the slogans ‘Pray for Yoga’ and ‘Let Love Rule’, maxims our female customers will be very familiar with.

Speaking of our yoginis, it is now easier than ever to match with your female yoga partner as you’ll find the classic Ana Heart motif on the shoulder of every yoga t-shirt in the men’s collection. This single brushstroke has become a mark of quality and unity in all our past collections and so had to be included in the new yoga clothes for men. Now you can stay connected without saying a single word.

Street Chic

You only have to take a look at the Ana Heart Friends page to see how good our yoginis look even when they are not working out. The fantastic prints and easy style make a piece transitioning from sport to casual wear effortless. Now our yogis can enjoy this lifestyle with the new range as each of our items are designed to be worn for yoga, sport and everyday style. When you step off the mat, you take the spirit of yoga with you into the world around you and blending your yoga and everyday wardrobes can help reflect that.

So yoga’s not your only love? That’s not a problem as the durability and quality clothing are sure to withstand anything you throw at them. The Speakeasy shorts are a perfect length for soccer and team sports, the hoodies are the right style for skateboarding and the t-shirts fit in with any active or casual activity. If you find yourself outside in the sunshine a lot, the Malibu caps will keep that glare out of your eyes, whatever you’re doing.

Even in your downtime, your Ana heart wardrobe is perfect for lounge and weekend wear. If you’re heading to the park, grabbing lunch to go or meeting someone on the way to yoga, you will never have to worry about how you look with the Ana Heart men’s collection. It’s time to pump a little more of the Let’s Yoge spirit into the world.