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Stunning Ana Heart Yoga Accessories

Every yogini needs to be kitted out with a proper wardrobe for her sessions; from yoga bras to yoga pants and yoga tees, you need to be able to move easily and feel your best so you can achieve your highest potential when in class. During any given session, you’ll be moving between a series of demanding poses; from floor work to stretches and balancing postures. The more comfortable you feel in your yoga gear, and therefore your own skin, the better you’ll perform - simple!

But it’s not just about yoga clothes and attire. There’s a whole other range of items you’ll need for your practice that will aid your performance and make you feel more confident in class. Essential items for any yogini’s kit include yoga accessories such as a yoga mat, yoga block and yoga socks. Each of these tools will improve your technical performance and make you feel more comfortable in general. Every yogini should have the right mat to take to class. Your mat is your base, your grounding, on which all of your poses are set, so you’ll need one that’s strong enough to support you. Ana Heart’s empowering yoga mat is strong, sturdy and slip-free.

Another essential item is your yoga bag. Ana Heart’s yoga bag is every yogini’s new best friend. Large enough to carry your Ana Heart empowering yoga mat and a range of other items, our Urban Nomad yoga bag is both functional and fashion-forward. It’s the perfect workout bag but we know you’ll love the bag’s funky print so much you’ll want to take it with you everywhere.

Work Out in Style with Yoga Accessories

Whether you’re in a yoga or Pilates class, a session at the gym or simply meditating, you need to feel comfortable and supported in all your activities. That’s where Ana Heart US comes in. Our boutique online yoga store offers a huge selection of yoga gear; everything from yoga clothing to yoga equipment, yoga accessories and a stunning range of unique jewelry that all yoginis will adore. High quality, innovation, style and comfort are key components at Ana Heart. Whether you’re looking specifically for yoga gear or simply basic pieces to make up any workout wardrobe, you’ll find what you need at the Ana Heart US online yoga store.

Ana Heart believes that all women should feel beautiful and confident whatever they’re doing - and that includes working out. Whether it’s a session on the treadmill, a fitness class or a yoga session, it’s vital that you feel comfortable and properly supported. Ana Heart’s yoga gear includes gorgeous pieces of yoga wear such as leggings, yoga tees, yoga pants and yoga bras. We use only the highest quality and technically innovative materials in our yoga clothes (quick-dry, sweat resistant and ultra-stretchy) to help you perform your best in class.

But it’s not just about the clothes. We also stock a wide range of yoga accessories and equipment to aid you in your practice; everything from yoga mats to yoga bags, yoga caps and even a hand-crafted range of jewelry that we know you’ll love. Our yoga accessories are the perfect finishing touch to any yoga outfit - all embodying our unique brand DNA, Urban Peace. Chic, minimalist and timeless, you’ll want to wear our yoga accessories with every outfit, not just to the studio. Browse our yoga accessory pages and choose from a range of stunning jewelry including our incredible Love Tuner - a statement necklace that doubles up as a flute and emits the 528 Love Hertz. As always with Ana Heart, the Love Tuner is both stylish and functional, boosting your performance by aiding mental focus, and helping you look ultra-stylish at the same time.

Every Women, Every Yoga Style

If you love yoga and fashion then you’re in the right place. Ana Heart’s boutique yoga store is your one-stop shop for all things yoga. Whether you’re a practising yogini, an occasional meditator or you just want to look and feel great in your workout wear, be that gym sessions, dance, Pilates or running, Ana Heart has a rich variety of stylish and comfortable yoga gear for every woman and every practice. From innovative yoga wear like yoga pants, tees, leggings and bras to practical equipment like our yoga mat and beautiful yoga accessories such as the yoga cap, yoga bag and a range of yoga jewelry, you’re spoilt for choice at Ana Heart.

Long gone are the days when we’d throw on a pair of baggy sweatpants and an old shirt to go the gym or studio. Today, women want to feel just as confident and stylish in their workout gear as they do in their everyday wardrobe. Ana Heart knows just how important this is and that’s why we’ve created collections of yoga gear that will suit every type of yoga practice and every woman - no matter what you’re size or shape. All of our pieces combine fashion and functionality to make you look at feel fantastic while you work out. Whether it’s an uber-supportive yoga bra or a perfectly fitting and super soft pair of yoga leggings, you won’t find yoga gear like this anywhere else.

Ana Heart is proud to offer a selection of yoga accessories that will delight yoginis and fashionistas alike. Our accessories include the cool Urban Nomad yoga bag and our supremely stylish and practical yoga cap. The best thing about both of these items is that, whilst there perfect for any yoga session, they can also be worn outside the studio and mixed and matched with other key pieces to create a diverse range of looks. Dress our cap up and down and wear it wherever you like - it’s perfect for any workout session as well as out running errands. Both practical and fashionable, it’ll keep away harmful UV rays as well as keeping you looking cool at all times.

Essentials for Any Yogini’s Wardrobe

Ana Heart was created by women for women. Its founders Amanda and Rachel have pooled their respective expertise in yoga, design and fashion to create classic collections of clothes and yoga accessories that are made for all women of all shapes, sizes and styles. Using their in-depth knowledge of the workings of yoga, and a great eye for minimalist, contemporary style, you’ll find yoga accessories, clothing and equipment to aid your practice and make you look and feel great at the same time.

Our unique range of yoga accessories span a selection of must-have items that are essential for every yogini’s gym kit. We know from experience that yoga can be hard work - both physically and mentally. Moving from standing and sitting postures, stretches and balances, whilst maintaining focus and concentrating on your breathing is no easy feat, even for well-practised yoginis. This means you’ll need to be equipped with the right clothing and tools to help you achieve your best performance.

A good yogini should be prepared for class in every way. This means having the right yoga accessories with you like a supportive yoga mat, a yoga cushion, and a yoga block and band to help you in those tough stretches. And don’t forget to bring a head band and a couple of towels for during and after class (especially handy in those hot Bikram yoga sessions). From the perfectly supportive sports bra to a 100% cotton yoga tee, to leggings that help you move fluidly and absorb excess sweat, Ana Heart’s got it all. Browse our exquisite collection of yoga accessories today. And don’t forget we offer a variety of gift cards - the perfect present for that yogini in your life!