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Bolstered by the success of their first edition in March 2016, Ana Heart and ba&sh revisit their old collaboration.

Talented businesswomen, Amanda and Rachel caught the (sharp) eye of the creative directors of the brand, Barbara and Sharon, who are truly experts at scouting inspiring, ambitious and bold women.

“We had our hearts set on Ana Heart, it’s an exciting, fun and impressive brand, the collections are technical, feminine and urban which is everything we love at ba&sh.”

Yoga with a unique twist of delicious sass. The signature on the main T-shirt sums up everything, with a wink and a nod:
I do yoga and drink tequila

A collection not only dedicated to sports, it’s created for women who like to look and feel good. A collection for creative women: we can wear these products indoors and outdoors. The mantra: no rules except creating our own.


Presenting the new Harrison t-shirt “Yoga, C’est ma Came”.

This is the debut collaboration between the internationally expanding London label Ana Heart and Yoga Concept, France’s first ever yoga boutique. Ana Heart’s brand look is minimalist “Urban Chic”, with many of its pieces being named after famous rock icons, while Yoga Concept is every Parisian yogi’s go-to store.

The t-shirt is a reflection of the brands’ mutual love of yoga and rock and roll.

It will be sold exclusively on the Ana Heart’s site, anaheart.co.uk. It will also be on sale at the Yoga Concept store - 123 Rue de Turenne, 75003, Paris.

Long live the London-Paris connection!

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White Meditation


Happy New Year from Ana Heart - here’s to a fabulous 2017! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and were able to celebrate with loved ones; laughing, dancing, indulging, most importantly of all, relaxing!

If you did overindulge a tad too much, don’t sweat it - a little excess from time to time does us all good! But January is now upon us and with it, the chance to set some good resolutions.

We have dedicated this month to purity, meditation and the colour white - which calms and soothes the spirit and the soul.

Little by little, we’ll help you get back into your own personal rhythm and practice, and achieve optimum health with our White Boutique.

January is operation DETOX!


Amanda & Rachel
Visit our meditation room


Don’t miss out on our cruise collection, in exclusivity with Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas.

Ana Heart is delighted to announce a range of designs created in collaboration with the fabulous Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas. The beautifully cut pieces in our limited edition collection are luxurious yet functional, comfortable yet distinctly feminine - and all with our edgy minimalist finish.

Our sumptuous fabrics make each creation comfortable and incredibly easy to wear, complementing the design to move effortlessly and make every single body size and shape dead gorgeous.

Far from being limited to the studio, our cosy pieces can be worn before or after practice, to your spa appointments or your wonder around the hotel. This is the perfect collection for your unique holiday – wherever you might be heading!

It’s time to practice, relax, enjoy… and be beautiful!

Win a set of 3 hair bands!

In September, get into amazing shape!

No need to have won any medals at the Olympics to be proud of your efforts. This month’s programme: get back into shape with our friends from Birchbox and celebrity personal trainer Valérie Orsoni!

Together we have created a trio of hair bands with relaxing colours. When you don’t wear them on your wrist, they tie your hair without damaging it. Visit us on our instagram to find more about it!

ba&sh x Anaheart

Enjoy every aspect of city life in the best sportswear. Look good because you feel good and vice versa. Sportswear is taking the fashion world by storm, from New York to London and now, Paris.

ba&sh shares our vision, which is why they trusted us to create this yoga line, which perfectly combines quality, comfort and femininity.

The nine pieces range can be worn throughout your day, as well as during your daily yoga session.

You’ll feel as lighthearted as your mantras in this range - a reminder that happiness and fashion make the perfect match.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Sharon and Barbara for giving us the chance to demonstrate this at their stores in France and across Europe.

Amanda & Rachel

Ana Heart -
202 (1st floor) Fulham Road - London SW10 9PJ, UK -
$40 - $120 Ana Heart Phone: +44 203 747 6777